Backache by Deadlifting – Healed!

It was a Wednesday when I received news that one of my cell members had severely injured his back. Having taken an interest in body-building, Justin constantly pushed himself hard. This time however, he pushed his limits a little too far, resulting in a strained back when he performed a 70KG deadlift.


According to him, he heard a cracking sound while attempting to lift the weights. No doubt, the pain that followed was truly immense and was clearly evident on his face during cell group on Friday. He was in pain all the time – be it walking or sitting. I told him that I wanted to pray for him, and helped him upstairs away from the fellowship. After Justin took some time to repent before God, I laid hands on his lower back and commanded the pain to leave in the name of Jesus. The pain was persistent, but our persistence was greater.

Hanging on the edge of the chair, suffering from a sickness Relaxing peacefully in a wooden chair

Little by little the pain dissipated. After numerous commands, the pain was completely gone! His back was fully restored and he could stand straight and reach for his toes without any pain whatsoever. We thanked Jesus for the amazing miracle and he then skipped downstairs to tell the others about the miracle Jesus did for him. What’s amazing was that he went back to the gym the next day! Today, Justin deadlifts 90KG, without any pain. Praise God for His wonderful works!

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