Dead Woman Raised Back To Life!

A most extraordinary miracle took place on July 10, 2013. As leader of the ministry which took place in the Cultural Center, Elyas Parera shared about a believing Rena, teenage girl who had been ill for quite a while. In the beginning Rena had a problem with digestion for which she underwent a colon operation. For a year she had been coming to the services in our area of ministry while still not well. Because of the unsuccessful operation, part of her intestine protruded out from her abdomen and had to be wrapped in plastic. Thankfully after a second operation she was back to normal and well.


But after Rena married an unbeliever she began to backslide and stopped coming to the services at the Cultural Center. Two years later, Elyas Parera heard that the girl was in serious condition with a cancerous cyst in her womb. After the cancer had grown and spread, it burst and Rena had to be taken to the Emmanuel Hospital which is in a big city two hours away by car. By that time she had been unable to drink any water for ten days. So when she was taken to the hospital her condition was so critical that no doctor was prepared to treat her. She had to be taken back home to her village.

When Rena arrived back home her condition was terminal, and she passed away. That afternoon the people gathered for a “solat” ceremony which is customarily to pray that the deceased person will be received in heaven.



Meanwhile one of the local ministry leaders contacted Elyas Parera to inform him of what had happened to Rena who had once believed in Jesus. When Elyas Parera heard the news he was very disappointed and could not accept that his ministry to the young lady had been in vain. Elyas Parera prayed to the Lord and received determination to exercise authority over a distance as had been taught in The Elijah Challenge—as he had often done.

Then he called the leader and instructed him to go to Rena and to tell her to wake up, and after that she was to meet with him [Pastor Elyas Parera ] at Emmanuel Hospital in Bandung for a checkup. The leader was taken aback, and told him that she had in fact already died.

But Elyas Parera insisted that the leader do what he told him to do. So together with his wife the leader went to the place where Rena’s body was being prayed for by a crowd of people. They made their way through the crowd to get close to the body. The leader’s wife took hold of the hand of Rena and calling her by name said to her, “Get up in the name of Jesus, and meet with Elyas at Emmanuel Hospital.”

Suddenly the young woman opened her eyes and was shocked to see a crowd of people standing around her. Then she followed the instructions given by Elyas Parera and went to the hospital. The many people there had witnessed a dead person being raised back to life in the name of Jesus. A crowd of about fifty people—followed her to the hospital to see what would happen.

Later Elyas Parera also left for Emmanuel Hospital and was a little surprised to see so many people from Rena’s home town there also.

The young lady was examined by a doctor, and he only gave her some fluids by transfusion since she had been unable to drink for some time. She stayed overnight at the hospital (with the others also spending the night there to watch her). In the morning she felt well and asked to be released to go home.

Until today Rena is in very good health and has returned to the Lord to follow Him faithfully.

Rena and a HEM participant during the Healing Encounter Seminar 2015

Rena and the Secretary of HEM – Healing Encounter Seminar 2015

This miracle has spread the fragrance of the name of Jesus throughout the region. Some are coming to know the Lord. [Editor’s note: how can you argue when a dead person has been raised to life?]

Watch the reenaction in the video below:

Additional details & observations:

It was certain that the young woman was dead and not simply in a coma. When the tumors in her uterus burst she was taken to a hospital. But the doctors there were not able to do anything for her and sent her home. By that time she had not drunk any water for ten days. Her body was extremely weak.

The family took the young woman home. There she died at about 5 pm in the afternoon. Following customs, her family covered her body and prepared it for prompt burial. They brought the body to the gravesite where other families had gathered to perform the solat—a ritual in which they were praying for the forgiveness of her sins.

It was at 7 pm, about two hours after the woman died, that the believing couple showed up at the solat ceremony and made their way to her body. In front of the crowd they commanded the young woman to wake up in the name of Jesus Christ. At that moment the Living True God brought her back from the dead.

While she was still dead before coming back to life, the young woman was “walking inside a long black tunnel”.

Later while being examined by doctors at the hospital, it was found that the tumor in her uterus had vanished. And she was able to eat and drink normally.

Only the One True God can perform such a miracle. This miracle proves that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father—the One True God.

The One whose name has authority to bring back the spirit of someone who has left this life for another place is also the One who has authority to send the spirit of that person to His Father’s house.


*A large portion of the testimony was extracted from


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