Pain in Knees Disappear After Bitterness Released!

On the 25th of October, we ministered healing to two sisters at FaithLine who had nagging pain in the knees. They had knee osteoarthritis but when commands for healing was made in the name of the Lord, the healing power of the Lord was tangibly revealed.


One of sisters was instantly healed after she asked the Lord to forgive her of her bitterness and unforgiveness. Releasing all bitterness is an important step, especially for believers. Quite a number of infirm were healed that way. We did not need to lay hands or command the infirmities to leave and the patients were gloriously healed.


The knees of the other sister remained painful even after her confession of her sins. She had to take Hyaluronan injections to lubricate her knee joints. However, this morning, she was healed by the Lord after we commanded healing a few times.


After the healing, we then taught them how to maintain their healed condition by rebuking whenever the pain wants to come back.

Praise the Lord for confirming His promise in the Bible by healing these ladies. The Kingdom of God is indeed a Kingdom of power and authority!

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