Healing Miracles at FaithLine

Amazing healing miracles happened on the 27th of December at FaithLine’s new office as God affirmed His Word and Power to His people. After Pastor Albert Kang shared on ‘The Mighty River of Healing’, people with pain and discomfort stepped forward in faith to receive healing. The results?


Ruth and Mooi Jone were completely healed of knee arthritis while Stanley and Christabelle were relieved of pain in their shoulders. When asked, Stanley was frequently in pain for a couple of months, but was gloriously and completely healed last Sunday!


Kian commanding healing over his wife, Christabelle, who was miraculously relieved of her pricking shoulder pain


Wei Yun attending to Mooi Jone’s knee as Shoen commands healing over Stanley’s left shoulder

And that’s not all! Jesus also healed Tan Ban Hing of a tingling noise in his ear that morning as various believers (Ps. Pang, Ps. Grace, Kian, Wei Yun, Shoen, Hau Meng and Lily) exercised their authority over these sicknesses.


Hau Meng and Pastor Pang commanding the tingling sound in Ban Hing’s ear to cease



All praise to the name above ALL names – JESUS!

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