Healing Encounter Ministry (HEM) is a Foursquare Church that has been affiliated with The Elijah Challenge and High Praise Ministries since the onset. The Church began with a training series attended by less than five participants from January to May 2014. Since then, over 60 participants have been trained and equipped to practice Power Evangelism. With each series consisting of 10 training sessions, the participants learned Power Evangelism through the materials provided by The Elijah Challenge, which have seen continuous improvement since the first series.

Spearheaded by Reverend Albert Kang, these hands-on sessions saw participants practice what they learned in theory. There were people who attended the sessions for healing purposes only.  People with frozen arms, migraine headaches, chronic back pain, arthritic joints and other crippling diseases were gloriously healed. There were a couple of deliverance cases too. The participants were fully involved in all these ministries and learned from them.

The purpose of such training sessions is to equip believers who want to fulfill the Great Commission with Power Evangelism. HEM is a church that sees people saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, empowered and serving the Lord both locally and globally. Nothing speaks louder than Power Evangelism.

The mission of HEM is to train, impart, declare and demonstrate the power and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ through signs, miracles, wonders, and the manifested gifts of the Holy Spirit, and to empower others to do the same. The intent is to tangibly lift up the name of Jesus Christ by setting up Healing Encounter Centers both domestically and beyond the shores of Malaysia, conducting training seminars so that the trained disciples from all over the world may be sent to reach the lost with power and authority – getting them to repent of their sins and turn to God for salvation.

HEM also started a Home School Center in its premises. This education system is very popular with parents who do not send their children to government schools or the more expensive international schools.

There are four pastors ministering in this church.  Rev Albert Kang is the Lead Pastor.  Pastor Janice Liew is the Resident Pastor.  Pastor Luke Chan and Pastor Grace Kang are Associate Pastors.

Please do not hesitate to connect with us here if you have a disease/infirmity – there is no disease that Jesus cannot heal. You have nothing to lose, only your disease.

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