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You, our faithful partners and friends, are strategically important to the overall success of the Kingdom of God being fulfilled through the Healing Encounter Ministry. This ministry is the Lord’s ministry and together you and all who serve directly in Healing Encounter Ministry are seeking to serve in different capacities so as to fulfill the assignments of God in our lives. With your partnership and prayers, Healing Encounter Ministry will grow from strength to strength. It will continue to inspire many believers to move in power and authority, healing the infirm and casting our demons, whenever they share the Gospel of the Kingdom.

The Healing Encounter Ministry is already making a positive difference in the advancement of the Kingdom. Many of you have played an enormous role in facilitating this vision of raising an end-time harvest force of power-packed, nameless and faceless disciples who are turning the world right side up for our Lord Jesus Christ.

With your generous support, Healing Encounter Ministry will continue to conduct training, impart healing ministry and develop Power Evangelistic culture in many churches around this region and beyond.

Kindly join Healing Encounter Ministry as a ministry partner and if at all possible, please make a financial contribution to Healing Encounter Ministry by filling up the form.

Thank you for your commitment and love towards Healing Encounter Ministry. May the Lord bless you for your sacrifice and dedication.

Reverend Albert Kang
Director, Healing Encounter Ministry, Malaysia

Wish to apply for a partnership with Healing Encounter Ministry ? Simply drop us an email at to connect with us. We are in the midst of activating an option that will allow online donations and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.

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