Want to move in POWER?


All year round, the Healing Encounter Ministry hosts a couple of series on Power Evangelism for faithful believers. Each series comprise of 12 lessons, spread across 12 weeks. The lessons are held every Tuesday night at the HEM centre in Sungai Buloh. Attendees will be trained on:

  1. What is the End-time Model of Evangelism?
  2. What is the Kingdom of God in Action?
  3. What Authority Can Believers Exercise?
  4. How to Activate Mountain-Moving Faith?
  5. How to Minister Healing to the Infirm?
  6. How to Conduct a Deliverance Session?
  7. How to Receive Word of Knowledge?
  8. Others topics in relation to Power Evangelism

Currently the Power Evangelism series is on break. Please stay tuned for updates on this website concerning the commencement of the next Power Evangelism series.

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