Nothing But the Blood of Jesus

During a deliverance session, a demon spoke through a demonized woman and wanted to expose all my sins.A sudden fear shot through my heart because I knew that my sins were many. My ego and pride stood up in protest but my fear was overwhelming.

The look of my fellow workers was even more threatening. What would happen if they were to know all of my sins and later share with other church members?
A silent alarm shrieked within: “Stop the deliverance now”. The fear of exposure threatened to set my feet into a retreat.
As the demoniac glared at me with her blood-shot eyes, waiting for me to retreat, a sudden revelation came from the Holy Spirit.
Shouting loudly, more out of self-assurance then answering the demon, I said, “No, you shall not! All my sins have been washed by the Blood of the Lamb!”
The demoniac slumped as the demons realised how powerless they were in the presence of a “sinner” washed by the Blood and saved by God’s Grace.
That night, the woman was set free because the same Blood of the Lamb was able to save and set her free.
Brothers and sisters, do not let the devil shame you again. All your sins have been washed by the Blood of Jesus and the devil has no legal rights over you now. You are free!
“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” – John 8:36
Live a repented life and you will never need to fear of any exposure again.

Reverend Albert Kang

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