Ministry Objectives

1. Power Evangelism


As the coming of the Lord is very soon, HEM wants to reach out to its community as fast as possible. HEM’s strategy is to invite neighbours, friends and relatives to encounter the presence of the Lord Jesus through healing services and evangelistic rallies. HEM centre will train believers to become “Elijah Challengers” so that they can go in small groups of two to five people known as “Healing Teams” to share the Gospel and minister healing  places such as homes, hospitals, work places and markets, etc. Every week, there is training for all who want to learn how to minister in healing and Power Evangelism. They do not need to be members of HEM because the scope of this ministry is beyond the walls of the church. It is more kingdom-minded than merely church-minded.


2. Soaking Worship Service

Waterfall soak

HEM wants to inspire every believer to encounter the Lord Jesus during its worship services. The people come together with no agenda or prayer list except to give focus on praising  and giving glory to the Lord. It is during such soaking worship services that the presence of the Lord will be most intense. Many do get healed and demons do reveal themselves on such occasions. The trained believers are able to minister healing and cast out demons whenever the need arises. The sermons and lessons provided by the pastors and bible teachers will challenge all who attend to grow spiritually. The worship service is holistic and provides real edification of the soul and spirit.


3. Community Evangelistic Activities

Sowing seeds hem

Reaching out to the community is important as these activities will form a bridge for the residents to come to know the church and ultimately to know Christ. HEM has initiated the establishment of a Home School Ministry that reaches out to both children and their parents.


4. Gift-Oriented Ministry

Gifts of the spirit hem

To establish a biblical-oriented church, HEM believes in maximising the gifts of each member so that he or she will become the person that God wants him or her to be. HEM understands that every organisation is only as effective as the levels of skills and talents of its members.  The believers learn about their talents and gifts through a specially arranged seminar. With consultation with the pastors, they are placed in ministries that most suited their talents.

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