Divine Healing for Kidneys

On Palm Sunday at FaithLine Church in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, Sister Lim came forward for healing ministry.


Sister Lim was very concerned about an earlier scan that showed unnatural fluid in her kidneys, and the kidney profile test was not so good.


So after the sermon, a few FaithLine sisters laid hands on her and commanded healing with great faith according to what they had learned in the Elijah Challenge Healing Ministry Training.


Subsequently, Sister Lim went to the specialist for a follow-up scan. Right before Resurrection Sunday, the medical report came back good!




In her own words, “The fluid that the Doctor initially saw was gone! The conclusion was that I was born with kidneys that way! And my blood test all looked fine! I believe it has to do with God’s healing hands! Praise the Lord!”


The Lord did it once again! He heals! This is only possible through the hands of the Great Physician!

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