South African Healed of Hearing Difficulty in Perth

Pastor Albert and Pastor Grace have been ministering to various groups of people in Perth, Australia since the 16th of September. One group consisted of South African sisters.

While having fellowship and ministering to them in a home, a group of sisters led by Pastor Grace laid hands on two sisters – Sister Norla and her mother, Aunty Hannah. Sister Norla had a hearing problem in her right hear. But God proved to beĀ greater and mightier than her infirmity and after a few commands by the sisters, the Lord healed her completely!


12002065_10153688677144515_4949340902027637336_nAunty Hannah too was completely healed soon after, having had a severe back pain. Similarly, the sisters laid hands and commanded herĀ back to be healed in Jesus’ name. All glory to Jesus, the name above every name!


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