400 Hindus Accept Jesus after Miraculous Healings

The following was sourced from TheElijahChallenge.org:

Trained ministers of the Elijah Challenge led by Subodh Kumar Jena had a fruitful Feeding Event in a remote village called PangaPada among tribal people. At the event, the people were not only fed physically, but received spiritual nourishment as well.

400 Hindus saved

400 Hindus saved 7

The Lord was present, and affirmed His Word and Power among these people as many powerful miraculous healings took place. Below are just four of the many testimonies:-

400 Hindus saved 5

1. Govinda’s fractured right knee was completely healed in Jesus’ name

Four years ago, an elderly man named Govinda went into the jungle to collect leaves for supper but he fell and fractured his right knee.  Since that unfortunate event, Govinda had been confined to bed and was unable to work. Because he had no money, he couldn’t get any medical treatment. It was tough, and Govinda survived solely on the government for rice and Rs. 200 (less than US$3) for his monthly pension. But the Lord had other plans for Govinda. At the Feeding Event, the Lord touched him and healed him completely! He stood up and walked around freely with no pain!

400 Hindus saved 4

2. Raibari’s incurable life condition defeated

An elderly woman named Raibari suffered from rheumatism for two years along with pain and swelling in her leg. The doctor informed her that since there was no cure, she had to take medicine every day. At times when the pain was so severe, she needed an injection. But because of her poor financial state, Raibari could not afford any medicine and hence, suffered a great deal of pain. Raibari attended the Feeding Event and there, the Lord touched her. She testified that she experienced complete healing in her body from our Lord. She couldn’t believe it as her doctor had assured her that her incurable condition was for life! But what is impossible with man is possible with the Lord Jesus!

400 Hindus saved 3

3. Chintamani’s throat infection gone when Jesus touched her

A sister named Chintamani was suffering from a throat infection since the month of April. She had a problem swallowing food so she could only take liquids. Praise the Lord, at the Event she was touched and healed by the Lord Jesus. She testified that normally she ate rice three times a day, but since her throat got infected she could not eat any more rice. That day she felt the Lord’s miraculous healing touch in her throat and she was able to swallow freely!

400 Hindus saved 2

4. Babu, the village Chief healed of pricking lung pain

Babu, the village chief, used to have pain in his lungs from time to time. It was painful like somebody poking him with a needle. He had been taking medicine for two years. But that day the pain suddenly stopped when we ministered to him. He shared that earlier a witch doctor had attempted to use witchcraft to give him relief, but nothing happened.

The best part was that an estimated 400 Hindus accepted the Christ through that event! Our God is alive, and both wonderful and mighty. All glory to Jesus alone!

400 Hindus saved 6


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